About Ireland

This year, the popular travel guide Lonely Planet, has ranked Ireland as fifth on their Best in Travel 2015 country list:

“A small country with a big reputation, helped along by a timeless, age-caressed landscape and a fascinating, friendly people, whose lyrical nature is expressed in the warmth of their welcome (Lonely Planet, 2015).”

ISC couldn’t have picked a better location to hold its 31st international Congress. Many delegates will be travelling from far and wide to attend the prestigious event in Cork, and hoping to get a glimpse of this aged and beautiful country of ours. The country surrounding Cork is one of the most ancient, mysterious and beautiful regions in the World. Having won multiple World famous tourism awards, such as ‘Best Destination: Europe’ at the Travel Weekly annual Readers Choice Awards in New York. Ireland is also home to the No. 1 Hotel in the World, ‘Ashford Castle’, as voted by one of the travel industry’s leading luxury networks, in Las Vegas last year. Ashford-Castle

Ireland is a dream location for exploring, and if you are attending the ISC 2016 you have the perfect excuse to go an adventure you will never forget. Ireland has been blessed with beautiful coastlines, and the World’s most attractive cliffs, located in Co. Clare The Cliffs of Moher is one of Ireland’s most visited attractions. You can travel to West Clare to see the cliffs on a day trip from Cork, CliffsSunsetor, you can embark on the trip of a lifetime and take the World’s longest coastal driving route ‘The Wild Atlantic Way’ which stretches the length of West Ireland’s rugged coastline for 2,500 km. The Wild Atlantic Way is to the West of Ireland what ‘Ireland’s Ancient East’ is to the East. So, if you want to to keep it along the East coast, you can visit Newgrange, which is a Neolithic tomb, older, and every bit as mysterious the pyramids of Egypt. Visit some of the oldest known sites in history, medieval castles and ancient battle fields and embrace the ancient Celtic culture. Altenatively you can take a day trip to Newgrange, either way it is a highly recommended visit, one not to miss out on.

There are virtually an unlimited number of world famous attractions Ireland has to offer, here is a list of some favourites:

If you plan on taking one of these scintillating adventures, or indeed have another one of Ireland’s attractions planned, let us know on Facebook or Twitter using the handle @ISC2016.

Some more facts about Ireland:

  • Third-largest island in Europe
  • Surrounded by hundreds of islands and islets
  • 6.2 million people
  • Mild but changeable oceanic climate
  • Strong indigenous culture of Irish music and language
  • Shared culture with Great Britain
  • Rich in sports such as soccer, rugby and golf
  • English speaking

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