Dr. Derek Stevenson FRSC, C Chem, PhD.

Senior Lecturer
University of Surrey

Derek Stevenson is a visiting Senior Lecturer at the University of Surrey, having worked there for over 30 years. He is a Past President of the Chromatographic Society (1996-1998) and was a member of the Council of the Royal Society of Chemistry (2011-2015), and Vice President of the RSC Analytical Division Council (2003-2005).

In 2006 he was the winner of the Separations Medal of the Royal Society of Chemistry and in 2016 will be the recipient of the Jubilee Medal of The Chromatographic Society.

He left school at 16 and worked in the Agrochemical industry (Fisons and Shell) for six years followed by two years at Westminster Medical School undertaking drug research. He then did a PhD at the University of Surrey as a CASE student with ICI Pharmaceuticals. He has used GC and HPLC in all those positions, mainly for the analysis of drugs, metabolites and biomarkers in biological samples or pesticides and other trace organics in environmental samples. His first injection into a GC was about 1971.

His research interests have included immunoaffinity and molecular imprinted polymers for selective extraction, chiral separation, miniaturisation, sensor development and the development and application of new methods for the analysis of drugs and pesticides in biological and environmental samples. He has over 80 publications and has edited three books.

During his time at the University of Surrey he was Head of the Analytical Centre of the Robens Institute of Health and Safety where over 40 major studies were undertaken for sponsors alongside the academic research. These included Health and Safety Executive, Environment Agency, Department of Health, WHO, Pfizer, ICI, Glaxo, Monsanto, Du Pont, British Agrochemical Association, and British Telecom. These collaborations meant running a GLP accredited laboratory in a University setting.

He has been the Chromatographic Society representative on International Conference Committees on numerous occasions. He was Chairman of the International Symposium on Chromatography in London, 2000, and a member of the Scientific Committee in 1992, 1994, 1998, and 2002. He has been co–organiser of the Bioanalytical Forum in Guildford, run for the Society every two years from 1995 – 2015.

He has been the supervisor of 18 PhD students and the external examiner of 25 PhD students at 12 different Universities. The majority of these were in separation science.

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