Prof. Caroline West

Caroline West first discovered the advantages of SFC as a baby chromatographer when she started her PhD thesis with Dr. Eric Lesellier in 2002.

She joined the University of Orleans, France and the Institute of Organic and Analytical Chemistry as an assistant professor in analytical chemistry in 2005.

Her scientific interests lie in fundamentals of chromatographic selectivity, both in the achiral and chiral modes mainly in SFC, but also in HPLC. Her works are essentially devoted to improving the understanding of chromatographic separations in order to facilitate method development. For this purpose, she relies on extensive experiments and chemometric strategies.

She has published about 60 papers, most of them in SFC. In 2015, she received the LC-GC award of “Emerging Leader in Chromatography” and was ranked among the Top 40 under 40 by The Analytical Scientist. She is also a junior member of the Institut Universitaire de France, which supports the development of high-level research in French universities.

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