Wolfgang Lindner

University of Vienna, Austria

Wolfgang Lindner studied chemistry at the KFU-Graz, Austria, where he worked for over 20 years at the Institute of Pharmaceutical Chemistry . In 1996 he was appointed a Chair of Analytical Chemistry at the University of Vienna, Austria, became Emeritus in 2012 but is still active. Throughout his career he got strongly influenced by life sciences themes spanning from pharmaceutical analysis, metabolomics, proteomics, etc. and separation science methodologies as of HPLC, SFC, GC, CE/CEC and LC-MS. In this context particular interest developed towards non-covalent interactions and molecular recognition phenomena as molecular selectivity criteria with focus on stereochemistry leading to the development of novel synthetic selectors useful also for enantioselective separation techniques. Working on the interface of organic, analytical and biological chemistry characterizes best his scientific credo expressed by a rich portfolio of publications and patents.

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