Instruments and solutions for all industries.

Shimadzu provides a broad range of analytical and measuring instruments and solutions

for various industries. These instruments are used in research and development,

quality control and on-line monitoring. Shimadzu HPLC and UHPLC systems

are controlled by all leading chromatography data systems in order to fit into existing

IT environments.

Most modern technologies are in the focus of research: UHPLC, SFC, fast GCMS/MS as

well as LCMS/MS. Advanced coupling methods such as multi-dimensional and

comprehensive LCxLC (MS) and GCxGC (MS) provide tools for highest resolution and

most efficient separation even of complex samples.

Select from a wide range of products in order to obtain a solution tailored to your individual

needs. To date, Shimadzu is the only supplier of an entire range of analytical

instruments for every application field, with a portfolio that is still constantly growing.