YMC offers a wide range of chromatography columns for micro-, nano- and (U)HPLC- separations and bulk media and glass columns for MPLC.

Innovative (U)HPLC YMC-Triart columns with broad temperature and pH stability for the ultimate choice in method development!

Immobilised and coated polysaccharide chiral columns for use in NP, RP and SFC – at very attractive prices!

Merck Millipore and Sigma-Aldrich (including Supelco and Cerilliant) come together as Merck to solve the toughest problems in life science by collaborating with the global scientific community. Meet our team to discuss the latest in analytical or process chromatography at booth 18. The life science business of Merck has a global network spanning more than 60 countries, approximately 70 manufacturing sites, 19,000 employees and over 1 million customers. The Company’s portfolio of over 300,000 products can be viewed online – for more information, visit merckmillipore.com and sigma-aldrich.com Looking forward to meet you at ISC 2016.

HiQ® represents the speciality gases and speciality equipment range from The Linde Group .  HiQ® means the best in the world of high purity gases, process and calibration gas mixtures, precision engineered gas distribution equipment and related services. In a complex and specialised business sector, our vision is simple: we provide precisely what our customers need.

Metrohm is a worldwide, leading manufacturer of precision instruments for chemical analysis. Metrohm has reinvented ion chromatography. We have made it the sensitive, robust, and affordable method that it is today, for routine use as well as for research applications. A highly experienced technical and support infrastructure sets Metrohm apart.