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UCC, situated in the heart of Ireland’s second largest city is a vibrant University steeped in culture and history. Established in 1845 under the reign of Queen Victoria as one of her 3 constituent National Universities of Ireland in Cork, Galway, and Belfast.

Located in the South-West region of Ireland, Cork was chosen because of its place at the centre of transatlantic trade. The historic site was built on a limestone bluff overlooking the River Lee, and the heart of UCC, commonly known as The Quad, is set in a landscaped garden and is one of the most famous images of UCC.


UCC’s expansion over the past 100 years has been vast, from just 115 students in 1908 to over 20,000 students currently enrolled in the vast campus, which now has dozens of modern buildings. UCC has earned a global recognition and influence, and is a multiple winner of ‘The Irish University of The Year’. The past couple of hundred years have seen some extremely influential figures grace the halls of the campus. Not least of which is the iconic Professor George Boole(1815-1864), the inventor of Boolean Logic and first professor of Mathematics.


George Boole (1815-1864)

George Boole was born a genius, showing extreme talent by the age of 2, he was running his own school by age 19. Boole is mostly recognised for his discovery of Boolean logic and algebra which is still widely used today in the form of high speed computing. The library and Boole rooms in UCC are named after him.

The 31st International Synopsium on Chromatography is being held in the Boole Rooms, an ideal venue for the scientific programme on offer. The Boole Rooms utilise the most up to date audio and visual teaching and conferencing technologies. The campus itself offers opportunity for relaxing and the scenery contains beautiful landscaped gardens surrounded by many classical, historical buildings and architechture.

UCC is located in The South-West region of Ireland and is situated perfectly to provide opportunity to tour the many world class attractions that the country has to offer, including Blarney Castle, Fota Island and the coastal town of Kinsale.

Afternoon on campus of University College Cork

‘Freedom’ – a collaboration between Kieran Hardiman, Alan Henefick and Ciaran Plummer, filmed by Brian Doherty in the halls of UCC.